One of the most interesting inspirations for the creation of came when Milda’s two daughters had to leave for college and eating their favorite Ghanaian dishes became a problem. One of the girls left for Princeton University in New Jersey, while the other left for Georgetown University in Washington DC. Milda had raised them up in Bucklake, the Northeast quadrant of Tallahassee. As a family they had traveled the country and even visited their ancestral home country of Ghana. The kids had never leaved anywhere else outside of Florida. They had grown to love and eat Banku/Etew, Kenkey/Dokonu, Dzidzii, Akplidzii, Yakeyake, Eto, Akyeke, etc. They even helped Mum cook some of the dishes at home as teenagers but college life would now create a huge wedge between the pursuit of academic and eating their favorite foods.

After a semester of pizza as their dominant meal, the two girls awoke to a new reality, that they may be no more of their favorite meals for the next 4 years. They had to do something about it. It became clear that their immediate challenge in college would now be how to survive without the ethnic foods that they have grown so used to all their lives. After two semesters it became even clearer that it wouldn’t just be sufficient to load up from Mum’s kitchen pantry at the beginning of a semester. They would need extra to last them to the end of the semester. They would need perishable foods that sometimes only lasted for a week or less, and even more for the International Food Festival or the ACA Celebration Night events.

Well, the people at couldn’t wait for them. We decided to do something about it. Something that will change the lives of every African or Caribbean student in any college or university across the US. We now bring food ingredients to the student wherever they live around campus, with few clicks on their mobile phones. We offers them an increasing inventory of products and recipes, along with unbeatable promotional deals that even offer free shipping. Recently, we created a unique DEAL FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS IN THE USA. Here it is:


Please follow this simple guide to using this coupon. Login into your account. Purchase products between $10 to $30. Ensure the total product weight is less than 20 pounds. Ensure that you purchase 2 or more items. This deal is good for both SUMMER and FALL Semester 2015. Enjoy!

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