My name is Susan Smith. Many years ago I was married to a Nigerian friend soon after we left college. He loved to cook his native dishes and would barely eat out, even when we were students at Emory University. I enjoyed his Egusi dish and it tasted so good when mixed up with white boiled rice. It was his favorite. He would add interesting dried vegetables and spices along with different kinds of meat and fish parts to the dish. When we left college, we both moved to my hometown, Cookeville, Tennessee, got married and settled down to work.

There wasn’t a store within a 90 mile radius that carried any of his local food stuff. The closest he could find was about an hour and a half away, in the south west suburbs of Nashville. Even then he couldn’t find all he needed. So we would drive every 3 mouths to Atlanta just to shop. It was good for us because it gave us an opportunity to reconnect with friends but it was often a very tedious trip. Driving about 4 hours to shop and back was stressful as much as it was fun. We always had the entire trunk and backseat of the car filled with food. The food always included bags of frozen meat and fish, which made it impossible to spend a night in Atlanta.

We parted ways 5 years ago and he has since relocated to his home country but I often cannot help thinking about We would have avoided all the shopping trips to Atlanta and he would have had most of the local food products delivered straight to our home, whenever he wanted it. I think this may have taken some stress off our marriage and given us more time to have fun with each other whenever we traveled. I think so because I have a cousin that is currently married to a Zambian and this website works for them.

I applaud for their marketplace brilliance and innovation. Just the thought of carrying a variety of ethnic foods from more than 70 countries and delivering it to a home is brilliant, to me. How come nobody thought about this simple concept 5 years earlier? If you live in a small town without your kind of ethnic food store consider shopping from right away. To get free deals and coupons year round, indicate your interest in receiving Newsletters when registering on our website. If you have registered without indicating please leave us a message at our Contact Us page:

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