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Our site is configured to provide you with a secure mobile shopping experience as you browse through hundreds of product items and pay for them using your favorite payment method. You get product pictures, names, brands, descriptions and more when you use our search engine to search for items or browse through our catalogs. Your checkout and payment process has been simplified to make your mobile experience breeze


Signing up as an online store owner is very easy

Store Owners can:

  • - Create a profile which will be displayed on product page
  • - See which items have been ordered in a defined period of time
  • - View and update shipping information using a unique tracking code and shipping status per each order
  • - Ability for suppliers to manage shipping methods and costs
  • - Show dashboard with the products upload and management features
  • - Can view and manage their products from the frontend
  • - Add, Change and Manage products
  • - Visit our store owner page to see all the benefits we offer. read more

"Delivering opportunity to Africans and Caribbeans in the US and Canada to buy and sell ethnic products online"

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Buyer Questions

Q As a buyer living in Atlanta, do I qualify for Home Delivery Service?
Q As a buyer, can I make purchases on my mobile device?
Q As a buyer, how can I compare a set of products?
Q As a buyer, can I track my package when shipped?
Q As a buyer, do I have the ability to pick which shipping carrier gets to ship my product?
Q As a buyer, how can I rate the services of a seller?
Q As a buyer, how do I communicate with a seller?
Q As a buyer, how do I get discount, deals and coupons?
Q As a buyer, how does the home delivery service work?
Q As a buyer, how secure are my purchases on
Q As a buyer, how secure is my information on
Q As a buyer, what happens if I don’t find an item on
Q As a buyer, what is the advantage of registering as a member and owning an account on our website?
Q As a buyer, what is the advantage of signing into your account when purchasing?
Q As a buyer, when should I expect my order to be delivered?
Q As a buyer, how many pounds can I ship?
Q As a buyer, can I make purchases by calling a phone line?

Seller Questions

Q As a seller, can I add tax to the goods when selling?
Q As a seller, can I sell anything on
Q As a seller, can I ship an order over 70 Ibs?
Q As a seller, how should I ship a product that is larger than 150 lbs?
Q As a seller, how can I contact African Caribbean Traders when there is problem?
Q As a seller, how should I ensure my orders are executed properly?
Q As a seller, how do I get paid for my sales?
Q As a seller, how do I know when a buyer places an order?
Q As a seller, how can I tell who placed an order?
Q As a seller, how do I notify my buyer that the order is ready?
Q As a seller, how do I ship my goods to the seller?
Q As a seller, what can I do to maintain a good rating on African Caribbean Traders?
Q As a wholesaler, how can I sell my products on
Q What are the advantages of African Caribbean Traders to a seller?
Q What are the requirements for a would-be seller on
Q Who is a Prime Seller

Other Questions

Q Is there an easy way to send a message on
Q How can I speak to an African Caribbean Traders representative?
Q How can you help improve African Caribbean Traders service?
Q How do I notify African Caribbean Traders that I am interested in becoming a seller?
Q How should I keep my account secure?
Q How do I rate a product on
Q Does the shopping cart persist data?
Q What is a wishlist?
Q What is the difference between the Wishlist cart and the Shopping cart?
Q How can I move the items on my wishlist to my shopping Cart?
Q How can I email my wishlist to a friend?
Q How to use your QR Code on our website?
Q How do I report an error on the website?
Q I have a brick and mortar store, how can I own a virtual store on
Q I live outside the US and Canada, how can I ship my products for sale on
Q What are the shipping rates?
Q What currency would a buyer and seller trade with?
Q What should I do when a buyer wants to return a food product?
Q What is African Caribbean Traders?
Q What shipping service does African Caribbean Traders use?
Q Who owns African Caribbean Traders?
Q Why should I use African Caribbean Traders?
Q Where do I lodge complaints?
Q How do I email a friend about the website or products on it?
Q Are there restricted shipping on certain items?


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